Maaaxter English:如何用英文形容食物的味道

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大家好这里是Maaaxter English。今天Maggie给大家总结了一些形容食物味道的英文。


谢谢 终于知道怎么描述食物了。下次可不可以出一期和银行打电话的视频,比如发现帐单有错误或者激活信用卡等等......再次感谢

Hi what’a up Maggie? Can I bring up a question here for you and also for other watchers to discuss? This question only took me 2secs to answer, however I’m surprised how much debate it brings up later, so I was really hoping to get a final say from you here. Thanks in advance. 

There are two types of cookies: chewy and crispy. Many Asians prefer the chewy kind, but many Americans like the crispy kind. We don't really use the word "gooey" to describe cookies. "Gooey" may be used to describe the molten chocolate in the chocolate chip cookie, but not the cookie itself.

Hi Maggie! I love this topic and feel like gaining a lot from watching! Can you make a summary of all the vocabulary in the end? I may help people to go over everything in the end. Thank you!




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